Monday, February 10, 2014

KANSAI GAIDAI Application!

Hello again! So as you all should know I am planning to study abroad at Kansai Gaidai in August of this year (2014). I am planning on being there for an entire year, and let me tell you I AM SO EXCITED. I feel like it is my first time going to Japan again! Here is an awesome video that really gets me pumped up! The campus is absolutely beautiful and HUGE in Japan's standards. Anyways let me explain the whole application process (which is quite tedious). Firstly I attend Appalachian State University in North Carolina, and Kansai Gaidai is a partner school with my university, so my application process is based on a partner school application and not through third parties like ISEP. first and foremost, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. I began the application TWO months before the deadline, and I turned it in a week before it was due. The process can get overwhelming and disorganized, to keep all my paperwork and forms organized I purchased a binder and tab dividers that were labeled Kansai Gaidai info- where I kept the school brochure and any other information pertaining to the school, Area Info- where I kept all info about Osaka and Kyoto such as places I want to visit or train info, Application Materials- where I kept all the physical application materials such as forms I needed to sign or get signed, Course approvals*- This is the most important one, course approvals allow you to get credit for the courses you take abroad. In this section I had the printout of all the courses offered and the course approval sheet. To get courses approved you must meet with all the chairpersons of that department and have them read the course descriptions and make a decision if they will give you credit, and what the credit will be worth. I personally had to meet with 6 different chairpersons (that require appointments) as well as my adviser multiple times. this tab is the absolute most important. It is by far the most time consuming part of the application process, and once you can overcome this you are golden. 

The other parts of the application process includes a few essays (that were extremely simple), and your basic information. It was time consuming, and to get it in on time it requires planning and organization. My study abroad advisers warned me that a lot of the students that planned to study abroad wouldn't get their application turned in on time, therefore they were not even considered. But no worries over here, I got my application turned in A WEEK before it was due, and they told me I am almost guaranteed to get in.... but you never know! I am still nervous and I keep thinking "what will I do if I don't get in??". I guess I will just have to wait and find out when I hear the feedback! 

Next post I am planning to do will be about travel tips and Japanese culture tips to remember! 

PLEASE leave comments/questions about anything! I would also like to know what you like and what you didn't like about the blog! 


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